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Alice in Wonderland, Jr. Casts

Tea Party Cast
performs April 22 - 23

Rose Garden Cast
performs April 29 - 30

Cheshire Cat 1 Hadley Foreman Ava Wilbanks
Cheshire Cat 2 Lucy Goodier Drew Darsey
Cheshire Cat 3 Saylor Urioste Georgia McCann
Small Alice Luciana Marinari Brooke Braun
Medium Alice Elke Boucher-Depew Sabrina Brenner
Tall Alice Molly Wise Michaela Graves
White Rabbit Mia McIntosh Thomas Polk
Queen of Hearts Jessica Paine Izzey Riley
Doorknob/King of Hearts Carlyle Spicer Madison Marchand
Dodo Bird/Mathilda Claire Wiles Sloane Johnson
Tweedle Dum Reese Hanks Lanzo Prasierb-Case
Tweedle Dee Hayden Hanks Dylan Fichera
Rose Jillian Hunter Sofia Rayas
Petunia Willow Sigel Evie Graham
Lily Remy Lilly Stella Li
Daisy Mary Hadley Cancienne Makenna Gaylor
Caterpillar Juliet DeBella Jake Fagan
Mad Hatter Massimo Marinari Lacy Ronhaar
March Hare Braelyn Bagley Tessa Moulinet
Rock Lobsters/Cardsmen Lacy Ronhaar, Jake Fagan, Sofia Rayas
Drew Darsey, Madison Marchand, Thomas Polk.
Willow Sigel, Juliet DeBella, Jessica Paine,
Braelyn Bagley, Saylor Urioste, Carlyle Spicer.
Creature Chorus Michaela Graves, Sloane Johnson, Dylan Fichera
Izzey Riley, Ava Wilbanks, Brooke Braun,
Lanzo Prasierb-Case, Makenna Gaylor, Georgia McCann
Evie Graham, Stella Li, Tessa Moulinet
Molly Wise, Elke Boucher-Depew, Massimo Marinari,
Claire Wiles, Hadley Foreman, Luciana Marinari, Reese Hanks
Hayden Hanks, Mary Hadley Cancienne, Lucy Goodier,
Remy Lilly, Mia McIntosh, Jillian Hunter

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