Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the daily schedule for students?

  • Students will conform to their remote learning schedule.  Please let us know what your students’ individual schedule is so that we can best meet their needs.

Will lunch or snacks be provided by TexARTS during the school day?

  • No, TexARTS will not provide lunch service or refrigeration for students; parents should pack healthy, nut-free lunches.  We have small snacks and bottled water available for purchase.  Parents can purchase snack credit through the office.

Who is supervising students?

  • Students will be supervised by an Academic Coach (retired teacher, Lynn Reynolds) who will be able to provide guidance, ensure proper distancing, manage the daily schedule, and ensure student safety throughout the day.

How do I register my child for T-PAS?

  • You may submit your online application here.  Once your application is reviewed you may be contacted for further information.  Enrollment is limited to 12 students.    

What is the commitment to T-PAS?  

  • Students may choose to try out the program for a week at the weekly rate.  After that, students may commit for one grading period or the whole semester.  We are unable to grant refunds for students that want to return to their main school mid-grading period.  All monies paid are nonrefundable.

What if my child wants to participate in T-PAS and take additional technique classes?

  • Our after school classes are open with limited in-person availability and many classes will also have an online/Zoom option.  T-PAS students are welcome to enroll in any of our after school classes, however T-PAS does not count towards the after school multi-class discount.

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