Each time you shop at Randalls using your Remarkable Card, a portion of your eligible purchases will be donated to the linked organization.

How do I link my Remarkable card to TexARTS Association?

Visit any Randalls Courtesy Booth and fill in the top portion of the “Good Neighbor Program” application, indicating to link account # 19956 to your card.

Do I have to give the organization’s number every time I make a purchase?

No. Once your Remarkable card is linked to your specified organization, that’s it! Every time you make a purchase using your Remarkable card, the total purchase will be automatically credited to your organization.

Can I link my card to more than one organization?

Up to three organizations per household may be linked. Your total purchase amount will be divided equally amount the organizations designated on the Remarkable cards in each household.

What if I already have my Remarkable card linked to an organization, but decide that I want to change it?

You can change your designated organization at any time by completing a Remarkable Application form at any Courtesy Booth.