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TexARTS Academy Calendar Fall 2017

August 4: Free Day of Dance & TexARTS Open House
July 31–August 4: Ballet Technique Intensive
August 7-11: Dance Technique Intensive ( TexARTS Triple Threat (T3) Pre-Professional Auditions during Dance Intensive)

September 4: Labor Day – Academy Closed – No Classes
September 5: Fall Semester Begins – 1 st day of Academy Year 2017-2018
September 9: Fall Musical Theatre Academy (MTA) Willie Wonka Jr.
September 25-29: Bring a friend to class week (Excluding: MTA)

October 7: Rehearsals start for Deck The Halls
Octorber 9-10:
School Break Musical Theatre Day Camp - "Best of Minions"

November 13-17: Parent Observation Week
November 20-22: Thanksgiving Holiday Musical Theatre Camps (3 days)
November 23-24: Thanksgiving Break – Academy Closed – No Classes, MTA, or Rehearsals

December 7-8: Deck The Halls Tech & Dress Rehearsal
December 9-10: Deck The Halls Performs
December 11-15: Bring a friend to class week (excluding TBC, Youth Ballet Theatre & MTA)
December 19-January 1: Winter Break – Academy Closed – No Classes

January 2-5: Winter Musical Theatre Camp (4 days)
January 8: Spring Semester Begins
January 13: Spring Teen MTA Auditions & Rehearsals Begin
January 11-12: Fall Youth MTA Production Cast A – Tech & Dress
January 13-14: Fall Youth MTA Production of Willy Wonka Jr. Cast A – Performs
January 18-19: Fall Youth MTA Production Cast B – Tech & Dress
January 20-21: Fall Youth MTA Production of Willy Wonka Jr. Cast B – Performs
January 27: Spring Youth MTA Auditions & Rehearsals Begin

All dates are subject to change. Please check www.tex-arts.org for the most up-to-date calendar.

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