George Bohn


Originally from California, George started tapping and performing at an early age. His first teacher was Vernon Russellwho was heavily influenced by Louis DaPron. After college, George spent 2 years with a regional ballet company touring the Northwest in a hippie-painted bus performing ballets in every type of venue from theaters to gym floors, with the dancers doing all sets, lights, and sound. He was invited to insert a tap section into a ballet about Calamity Jane set to Aaron Copeland music. He then moved on to arena shows performing with Disney-On-Parade in South Africa before finally moving to New York. Once in New York, George performed in summer stock (Gypsy with Angela Landsbury), and Off-Off Broadway, had a stint with The American Dance Machine and taught at the Nat Horne Theater and the Manhattan Plaza. Picked by Stuart Ross of Forever Plaid fame for the outrageous comedy review Not So New Faces, George and choreographer Terry Rieser created the “Flipper Dance” (now on YouTube). The late Henry LeTang choreographed a nightclub act for George and also selected him for the Las Vegas revue of The Cotton Club, which coincided with the release of the film starring Gregory Hines. George ended up teaching at the LeTang Studio. Next George joined Dancellington, a concert tap company founded by Maurice Hines and led by Mercedes Ellington, the Duke’s granddaughter. In addition to performing and touring with the company, George made his choreographic debut creating the Russian dance and Sugarplum Fairy dance in Dancellington’s premier of Cracker Jazz—Peter and the Duke, Ellington’s arrangement of the Nutcracker Suite. He went on to perform his choreography live with the Ellington orchestra at the Delaware Opera house receiving a full-house standing ovation. Next he was Miss Ellington’s assistant, choreographing pieces for Austrian Andre Heller’s Body and Soul which debuted at the Munich Opera House and went on to tour Germany and Austria. Back in New York, George got to perform A Simple Song with his long-time friend and Broadway actor, Bob Fitch with the group Dancers Over Forty. After 30 years in NY George has rubbed shoulders and traded steps with a raft of tappers and dancers of many disciplines. Since coming to Austin, George is involved with the summer arts and music camp at St. Theresa Church and helps stage and choreograph their Christmas concerts.

2018 Fall Class Schedule:

Class Day Time
Tap Intermediate Mondays 7:00
Tap Adult Wednesdays 8:00