Kelsey Oliver


Kelsey Oliver, an Austin native, is a freelance choreographer and performer in the digs for ridiculously experimental theatre, film, and concert dance. Kelsey received a B.F.A. in Dance in 2015, studying at the University of Texas at Austin and Le Centre National de Danse Contemporaine in Angers, France. Once upon a time she was a studio kid and a drill teamer. She has also been an adjudicator, choreographer, and dance instructor for studios and teams throughout Texas.

As she has taught a wide swath of styles, commercial/competitive dance forms, musical theatre, as well as experiential post-modern explorations, Kelsey has more recently fallen in love with Momentum + Floorwork, which:

  • Breaks down techniques of entering, leaving, and partnering with the floor
  • Experiments with moves of momentum having to do with circularity, spirals, and flight
  • Explores finding center of gravity through inversions and obscure alignments
    ***ultimately finding your inner squirrel!***

Kelsey has choreographed/created for Fusebox Festival, Frontera Festival, SVT’s Three Headed Fest, Austin Dance Festival, Beijing Dance Festival, Cohen New Works Festival, Boss Babes ATX, Underbelly Theatre Company, Ground Floor Theatre, MoHA, The Contemporary Austin, Erica Nix, CB Goodman, Heartland Theatre Collective, UT New Theatre, University of Texas at Austin’s Dance Repertory Theatre, McCallum Fine Arts, and has created much commercial and concert work within the United States and beyond.

She has performed in several productions, music videos, and film pieces worldwide, including work with The Rude Mechanicals, Salvage Vanguard Theatre, Magdalena Jarkowiec, Heloise Gold, Nino Soberon, Urzulka, Thee Gay Agenda, The Reverie, Capyac, Meow Wolf, Wunderbaum, Dance Theatre X, Body Shift, Performa/Dance, Ventana Ballet, Paper Chairs, The Theorists, Betty Mansion, THIS IS SLOANE, Raw Paw, Ministry of Muse, Vibe Vessel, Body Art Movement, Years & Years, Mother Falcon, Cordova Quartet, + more.

Kelsey has also been Artistic Director of physical theatre troupe Frank Wo/Men Collective, which spawned from a desire to create collaboratively fervid, humorous, and idiosyncratic devising processes with multi-fielded artists. Kelsey gets perked by work that inches toward the absurd, crossbreeding multi-fielded and mixed-ability artists’ curiosities. Her desired trajectory includes immense travel and research into repurposing spaces. She likes durational stuff, and devised stuff, and stuff that gets athleticccCccCc.

2020-2021 Class Schedule

Contemporary I Wednesday 6:00pm
Contemporary II Wednesday 7:15pm