“TexARTS isn’t your standard educational theater program. This isn’t an organization that subscribes to the “if their kids are in it, the parents will love it anyway” mentality. It’s evident in their productions that TexARTS strives to develop young performers while entertaining their audience. That’s exactly what they accomplish.”

Jeff Davis

TexARTS provides varied and unique opportunities for students to perform in fully-staged musicals, plays, and ballets. Students work with professional creative teams to rehearse and perform in fully-produced plays and musicals. Academy shows are enrollment based. All students are cast in the shows and many shows are double cast, giving students more opportunity to take the stage.

Upcoming Academy Productions

Academy Production: Once Upon a Crime: The Trial of Goldilocks
By Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus

Will justice be served in this hilarious fairy-tale courtroom play packed with characters we all know and love? Goldilocks is the defendant, on trial for breaking and entering. The plaintiffs are — you guessed it — the three bears. As their lawyers Henny Penny and Tom Thumb go toe-to-toe hoping to prove their respective clients’ cases, other fairy tale characters are called to testify as witnesses, including Hansel and Gretel, Jack and Cow, and Granny. Even the Big Bad Wolf takes the stand, but can any of these witnesses be trusted themselves? Is Goldilocks guilty or innocent? You’ll have to watch online to see her ultimate fate.

Important Dates – UPDATED
April 10 – Placement Auditions
May 8 – Rehearsals begin
June 12 – Production Filmed
July 2021 – Online Premier
For ages, 7 – 11
$600, plus $75 costume fee

TexARTS’ Teen MTA production of “The Radio Play Disaster” will stream in April 2021.

Academy Production: The Radio Play Disaster
By Don Zolidis

Self-proclaimed genius Harlan Bean is ready to make history with his science-fiction radio masterpiece “Battle of the Planets.” But when the broadcast is in the hands of an ambitious actress with her own vision for her character, several terrified last-minute replacements, and a disgruntled sound engineer out for revenge, the mayhem in the studio makes an alien invasion look like a piece of cake. This production is hilariously off the rails! Enrollment now closed.

Important Dates
Jan. 16 – Placement Auditions Videos Due
Jan. 23 – Rehearsals begin
March 6 – Production Filmed
April 9 – 11, 2021 – Online Premier

To View “The Radio Play Disaster”

Tickets: $17

Youth Musical Theatre Academy: Bright Lights: A Broadway Revue

 We are looking for students to star in this original musical revue that salutes the lights, glamour and laughter of the American musical theatre. You’ll learn rousing dance numbers, choreographed by guest artists, and sing your favorite showstoppers. The production will be filmed and streamed for your family’s enjoyment! This love letter to Broadway is sure to put the magic in the air. Enrollment now closed.

Important Dates
Jan. 25 – Placement Auditions Videos Due
Jan. 30 – Rehearsals begin
April 17 – Production Filmed
May 2021 – Online Premier